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Here at The Logman we focus on producing the highest quality logs possible. We cut our logs as early as possible in the season to benefit from an extended drying time in order to produce hardwood logs with a low moisture content, which allows them to burn easier and cleaner.

Logs are a more environmentally friendly fuel source than fossil fuels such as coal and natural gases as when they are burnt, they are carbon neutral. Carbon neutral fuels help contribute to reducing the global carbon footprint, reducing the effects of global warming.

Sales of all coal and wet wood products was phased out between 2021 and 2023. This is because they are the largest source of a pollutant, PM2.5, which is stated by the World Health Organisation to have "... the greatest effect on human health". Dry wood, such as our seasoned and kiln dried hardwood logs (Woodsure Ready To Burn Accreditation) produce less pollutants, so are better for the environment and for your health. 

We produce our hardwood logs from well-managed and sustainable forests. This means we are encouraging the growth of more woodland to reduce greenhouse gases, and create more habitats for wild animals to live in.

Our seasoned logs are of the greatest quality, having low moisture contents due to being split and seasoned fully indoors and given plenty of time for seasoning. We also only use the best species of hardwoods which are mostly ash, and some beech, birch and oak. Our kiln dried logs have an even lower moisture content, for an easier and cleaner burn.

Why choose The Logman?

  • Free local delivery of logs & kindling
  • Logs available for sale loose, in builders bags or in nets
  • All firewood is either fully seasoned or kiln dried hardwood offering a better, cleaner and more efficient burn
  • Competitive prices
  • Friendly staff waiting to take your call
  • We provide a stacking service if required
  • We provide log stores, chopping blocks, axes and more
  • Hassle free service

We sell hardwood logs & kindling in the following volumes:

  • Hardwood seasoned and kiln dried logs in nets
  • Hardwood seasoned and kiln dried logs in barrow bags
  • Hardwood seasoned and kiln dried logs per builders bag
  • Hardwood seasoned and kiln dried logs per load (loose)
  • Kindling by the net

When you buy from us you can feel confident that you're buying a high quality product with a great service including free local delivery - you won't be let down!

Don't hesitate to contact us at The Logman if you have any queries or would like to arrange a delivery soon. 

Our seasoned hardwood logs are:

  • Barn stored with open ventilation for seasoning
  • Average length 10 inches, other sizes available (8 inches & 15 inches)
  • Mainly Ash & Beech with some Silver Birch, Oak & Hornbeam
  • Target moisture content under 20%

Our kiln dried hardwood logs are:

  • Mainly Ash & Beech with some Silver Birch, Oak & Hornbeam
  • Average length 10 inches, other sizes available (8 inches)
  • Target moisture content around 15 %

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