Woodsure Ready To Burn Accreditation

What is it?

The Woodsure Ready To Burn accreditation is a new scheme that has been launched for wood log suppliers to ensure new legislations set by the government. This certification mark is awarded to suppliers who demonstrate their produce meets the strict regulations of having a moisture content consistently below 20%.

Why does it matter?

The Air Quality (Domestic Solid Fuels Standards) Regulations 2020 is new legislation that will soon phase out the selling of solid fuels that do not meet the strict regulations set. These have been set to ensure solid fuels such as wood logs are not producing high levels of pollutants that are damaging to our environment and our health.

The full remit of the regulations will:

The Ready To Burn certification is our proof that we meet these strict regulations and that our products will produce relatively low levels of pollutants according to government set guidelines. This means when you buy wood from us, you are assured that you are not risking your health or contributing to a global problem caused by low standard solid fuels.

Find out more about this on Woodsure's website.

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